Broken Hill

Broken Hill

Destination: Broken Hill

Surprisingly, you could easily spend a week in Broken Hill and not see the endless array of attractions. The experiences on offer range from art, history, food, and mining with a little bit of eccentric thrown in the mix. The town exists because of mining and would probably be one of the most significant mining sites in the world because […]

A Day in Silverton

Silverton, Outback NSWA day in Silverton

From the air you get a very different view of what is on the ground. The sparseness gives the impression of not much to see. On the ground tells a very different story, at each turn we looked in suspense at what we might find around the corner in this quirky photogenic town. The 23km stretch of road from Broken Hill […]

Episode 3: Broken Hill and Beyond

Episode 3Episode 3: Broken Hill and Beyond

On this episode of our Australian Adventure we spend a few days in the sweltering heat at Broken Hill. We meet John, Broken Hill’s best tour guide, who takes us around most of the significant sights in Broken Hill. To escape the heat we hire a car and spend a day in the outback town of Silverton. Our departure is delayed […]