Episode 9: MAYDAY MAYDAY Bird Strike!

The chilling words MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY Bird Strike, are words we hope to never hear again!

In this episode, we have stop-off at the gorgeous lakeside town of Meningie, after taking a look around town we make an eventful flight between Meningie and Pinnaroo.

We hope you enjoy Episode 9!

Flight Vlog – MAYDAY MAYDAY Bird Strike


    1. Hi Graham, It certainly made us feel very uncomfortable being up there. It was so hot and bouncy and adding a MAYDAY call to the mix made it that much worse. I couldn’t wait to get on the ground! We felt sick hearing it unfold over the radio and could only pray it would all somehow work out ok. I didn’t want to be the last person to hear his voice and for such a tragedy to take place right before Christmas… I couldn’t have been happier to later find out the outcome was positive and the miracle that took place that day! It doesn’t stop me from wanting to fly, accidents can take place anywhere. The enjoyment of flying outweighs the risks.

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