Episode 5: Potholes in the Sky

We fly to Clare Valley in South Australia and cycle the popular Riesling Trail. This stop involved an excessive amount of cycling totaling 52km’s over the 2 days we were here. For the cycling enthusiast that may not seem very much, but for us, it sure was a lot of peddling!

The countryside in this part of the world is so different to the east coast of Australia. The Riesling trail took us through many vineyards but beyond the vineyards, the entire region was fields of wheat and other similar crops. At this time of year, as these crops are nearly ready for harvest, the landscape look very dry and brown.

We continue onto Adelaide. The forecast was for perfect weather but due to thermal activity, we experience one of our bumpiest trips ever! Lucky it was only a 35-minute flight into Parrafield!

We hope you enjoy Episode 5!

Fly to Clare Valley – Potholes in the Sky

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