A Day in Silverton

From the air you get a very different view of what is on the ground. The sparseness gives the impression of not much to see. On the ground tells a very different story, at each turn we looked in suspense at what we might find around the corner in this quirky photogenic town.

Silverton Aerial shot

The 23km stretch of road from Broken Hill is one of the hilliest flat roads in Australia as you travel beyond the 39 dips to Silverton. Because the land is so flat the dips allow the water to run away when it rains, a sight you wont see too often out here.

Beyond the 39 Dips

About 5km’s on the other side of Silverton is the Mundi Mundi Lookout. It looks something like this: (which is quite similar to most of the scenery out here)

Mundi Mundi Plains Lookout

For the photography enthusiasts you could spend all day taking pictures of the old buildings, rusty cars and other old things artistically scattered around the town. The photo opportunities are endless.

Silverton Photography

The pub is local drinking hole for both the 2 legged kind, and the 4 legged kind. We pull up at the pub and 3 horses are drinking from the trough at the front entrance. I’ve only ever seen this sort of thing in the movies – but here it’s just everyday life!

Wild Horses

Across the road were a bunch of donkeys resting in the shade from the neighbors fence. These animals are owned by local residents, and are free to roam… this is how they roll out here.

Wild Donkey's

If I was to pick one place that best represents Silverton, it would be the Silverton Hotel. It’s a perfect mix of history, culture, art, humour, and just very Australian.

Silverton Hotel

And on the inside it’s no ordinary pub. From the hundreds of photos lining the wall, to a preserved snake collection on the mantle piece, the jokes hanging from the ceiling – there’s a lot to take in if your stopping for a drink.

Silverton Pub

Did we mention Art Gallery’s? plenty of them in Silverton! They are not limited to paintings but you’ll find Jewellery Makers, Glass Work Artists, Potters, and all sorts of hand crafts. They are generally found in unusual buildings with some unique landscaping.

John Dynon Gallery Silverton

One place that is definitely worth a mention is the Silverton Museum and Goal. It houses an impressive collection of every aspect of life from back in the day. Definitely worth a visit, and It’s also got to be one of the cheapest museums we’ve seen so far.

Silverton Goal and Museum

The reason many tourists flock here is because they saw it in the movie Mad Max, so a visit to the Mad Max museum was probably essential.

Mad Max Museum Silverton

And finally, a trip to Silverton is not complete without trying some Quandong Pie. Quandong is a native Australian fruit that grows in the outback. I’ve lived in Australia all my life and never heard of it until now. I feel like I have been missing out all my life! If your in Silverton, make sure you try the Quandong Pie!

Quandong Pie

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